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What is Guitar Chord Transposer Online Tool?

Transposing is the act of turning a song into a different key. You might want to do this to find a key that works better with your voice, or just choose a version of the song that has a chord that's easier for you to play.

By using a transposer, the guitar chords that originally originate from the basic note C can change to the basic notes D, E, F, G, A and B automatically.

How to use the guitar chord transposer tool?

You can use a transposer by Dardura in the following ways:

  • Prepare the guitar chords you'll be transpose.
  • Press and hold the Text area column and click Paste your chord.
    Guitar Chords Transposer Online
  • Click Transpose Chord, Once you click the Transpose button, the chord you input will appear underneath.
    Guitar Chords Transposer Online
  • To raise the tone of the click Plus icon and to lower the tone click the minus icon.
    Guitar Chords Transposer Online
  • To copy the transposition key, click the Copy icon.
    Guitar Chords Transposer Online

Thanks for using Guitar Chord Transposer by Dardura, hopefully it's useful.
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